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1. **How to Explain Individual Classification Decisions.**
*Baehrens D, Schroeter T, Harmeling S, Kawanabe M, Hansen K, Mu ̈ller KR*. Journal of Machine Learning Research. 2010.[paper](
## Neural Rankers
1. **PACRR: A Position-Aware Neural IR Model for Relevance Matching.**
*Kai Hui, Andrew Yates, Klaus Berberich, Gerard de Melo*. EMNLP. 2016.[paper](
1. **Co-PACRR: A Context-Aware Neural IR Model for Ad-hoc Retrieval.**
*Kai Hui, Andrew Yates, Klaus Berberich, Gerard de Melo.*. WSDM 2018. [paper](
1. **DE-PACRR: Exploring Layers Inside the PACRR Model**
*Andrew Yates, Kai Hui*. Neu-IR 17. [paper](
1. **Training deep ranking model with weak relevance labels**
*C Luo, Y Zheng, J Mao, Y Liu, M Zhang.*. ASDB 2018. [paper](
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