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## Must-read papers on Interpretability and Explanations.
NRL: network representation learning. NE: network embedding.
We must make a distinction between interpretable models and interpreting decisions made by models.
We release [InterpretMe]
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1. **Learning Interpretable Models**
*Stefan R¨uping* 2006. [paper](
2. **Explaining Rankings**
*Maartje Anne ter Hoeve*.2017.[thesis](
### Journal and Conference papers:
1. **Towards a rigorous science of interpretable machine learning.**
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## Relevance propagation ##
1. **On pixel-wise explanations for non-linear classifier deci- sions by layer-wise relevance propagation**
*S. Bach, A. Binder, G. Montavon, F. Klauschen, K.-R. Mu ̈ller, and W. Samek*.PLOS one 2015,[paper](
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