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## Relevance propagation
## Relevance propagation and Sensitivity Analysis
1. **On pixel-wise explanations for non-linear classifier decisions by layer-wise relevance propagation**
*S. Bach, A. Binder, G. Montavon, F. Klauschen, K.-R. Mu ̈ller, and W. Samek*.PLOS one 2015,[paper](
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1. **Explaining NonLinear Classification Decisions with Deep Taylor Decomposition**
*G Montavon, S Lapuschkin, A Binder, W Samek, KR Müller*. Pattern Recognition, 2017. [paper](
1. **How to Explain Individual Classification Decisions.**
*Baehrens D, Schroeter T, Harmeling S, Kawanabe M, Hansen K, Mu ̈ller KR*. Journal of Machine Learning Research. 2010.[paper](
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