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1. **Training deep ranking model with weak relevance labels**
*C Luo, Y Zheng, J Mao, Y Liu, M Zhang.*. ASDB 2018. [paper](
1. **DSSM : Learning Deep Structured Semantic Models for Web Search using Clickthrough Data**
*PS Huang, X He, J Gao, L Deng, A Acero, L Heck.* CIKM 2013. [paper](
1. **Neural ranking models with weak supervision**
*M Dehghani, H Zamani, A Severyn, J Kamps*. SIGIR 2017. [paper](
1. **A deep relevance matching model for ad-hoc retrieval**
*J Guo, Y Fan, Q Ai, WB Croft*. CIKM 2016. [paper](
1. **DUET: Learning to Match Using Local and Distributed Representations of Text for Web Search**
*Bhaskar Mitra, Fernando Diaz, Nick Craswell*. WWW 2017. [paper](
1. **A Study of MatchPyramid Models on Ad-hoc Retrieval**
*Liang Pang, Yanyan Lan, Jiafeng Guo, Jun Xu, Xueqi Cheng*. Neu-IR 16. [paper](Liang Pang, Yanyan Lan, Jiafeng Guo, Jun Xu, Xueqi Cheng)
1. **Match-Tensor: a Deep Relevance Model for Search**
*A Jaech, H Kamisetty, E Ringger, C Clarke*. 2017. [paper](
1. **End-to-end neural ad-hoc ranking with kernel pooling**
*C Xiong, Z Dai, J Callan, Z Liu, R Power*. SIGIR 2017. [paper](
1. **Neural Models for Information Retrieval**
*Bhaskar Mitra, Nick Craswell*. Survey 2017. [paper](
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