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Eat like a true gamer – Top 5 best healthy ingredients for gamer diets

Some people say that gamers have the worst eating habits. Do you believe that? You sometimes find yourself sitting in front of the computer screen and eating nothing. Spending time to collect food to power up your game characters but forget to feed yourself?
It may take time to prepare or cook a dish to fill your stomach. Here we will show you the most nutritious ingredients that can give you a full energy meal and will keep you full for a long time, yet still healthy for your bodies. Who said we couldn’t have delicious and healthy meals while playing a game for hours?
1. Potatoes and Rice
Who would enjoy playing a game with an empty stomach? Carbohydrates are important nutrients ingredients for your body. There are three principal sorts of Carbohydrates: starches, fiber, and sugars. This Carbohydrate is important to give you energy. They will help fuel your kidneys, heart, muscles,  brain and central nervous system.
Carbohydrates gain the feel of full and holds blood cholesterol levels under control.
For example, fiber is a starch that guides in assimilation. It encourages you to feel full and holds your blood cholesterol levels under control. Your body can store additional sugars in your muscles and liver for utilizing when you're not getting enough starches in your diet. Lacking Carbohydrates eating routine may cause you weakness, headaches, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, constipation, nausea, bad breath, vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Many foods contained a full load of these pure Carbohydrates. You can found them in legumes, grains, and starchy vegetables, like corn or potatoes. Try some potatoes, rice or pizza for your diet, and they will keep you full for a longer time. 
2. Fresh Vegetables
Vegetables are one of the best ingredients that provide our body energy, fiber, and vitamins, minerals. Vegetables contain larger amounts of sugar and are regularly called starchy vegetables. These are typically roots and tubers, for example, yams, kumara, sweet corn, and potatoes. Because of containing large amounts of carbohydrate, the starchy vegetables are higher in energy or kilojoules. There is other vegetables are known as non-starchy. This kind is lower in energy and tends to have a higher water content, but often richer in vitamins and minerals.
Fresh Vegetables  are good for our brain function, better sight, energy production.
There are many nutrients in vegetables that are essential for our brain functions. It proves that veggies have numerous vitamins and minerals. These beneficial vitamins are not only good for our brain function but also better sight, immune system, healthy bones, energy production and so on. Therefore, these ingredients are one of the best that can keep gamers to feel full, energetic and still have a good diet. Try to add some tasty and wealthy in vitamins foods as veggies to your eating and have a great time playing the game.
3. Eggs and beans
Egg and beans are notably recognized by their high protein and low-fat substance and proteins. These ingredients are also easy to cook and serve. Moreover, they can be eaten quite often with only one hand, which can be ideal when you are in the middle of an intense battle. You can still on the game fighting with your rivals while having a delicious and healthy meal.
Just only simple hard-boiled egg can offer you many benefits. It contains vitamin B6, B12, D, Omega-3, riboflavin, carotenoids and minerals. On the other hands, beans are a great source of protein, fiber, and vitamins that can offer many benefits for our health. By combining these two superb ingredients, you can create a win-win meal for yourself. These foods are rich in fiber and protein but not gain fats. 
There are a lot of easy and quick recipes of eggs and beans for you to prepare. Just try and make some for your next playing time. This is a perfect combination for your diet. Egg and beans are the perfect match that can give you the best treat food ever. Prepare some not only for yourself but also some of your friends or lover. This is definitely the best choice for a gaming date. Game one and have a great time with playing some online games for couples long distance
4. Finger food as sandwiches and burger
Obviously, regarding to a quickly preparing a tasty meal, sandwiches and burgers are a must to mention. They are also ideal for a quick meal without a fork. However, take away or ordering some fast foods is not really a good idea for your long-term diet, especially for gamers. These foods are excellent choices for your eating routine because you can make them yourself. 
Have a quick healthy meal without a fork and with your own choices of healthy ingredients.
The sandwiches and burger are made from flour and starches which have all the benefits as Carbohydrates. Besides that, you even can have your own choices of filling. Fill them up with other healthy ingredients like eggs or fresh veggies which will be double of a great meal. You even can treat yourself with some delicious spread of Nutella or peanut butter.
5. Smoothies 
Smoothies basically can be made from just about anything edible. These best foods in liquid form are an excellent combination for your eating time and play free online games - new & most popular games. They are healthy easy quickly to make and at the same time can be amazingly yummy. All you need is a blender. You can prepare all kind your favorite fruits and vegetables. Just make sure you will fill all up and blend them properly. 
One of the best healthy and tasty combo for your food in liquid form.
You even can add some other healthy ingredients like grains or yogurt to boost up the flavor. This will be the best healthy and tasty combo for your meal times. In the chances that you only have a short break, try out the list of top best snacks for gamers who love free online games for pc. It’s another way to have a real quick and fill up energy for your short pause. Have fun, have a good meal and be healthy.
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